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Most important justice figures Smallville:Absolute justice will be upon us.The end result of nine seasons has lead to this.This isn the ending to the series but perhaps a turn in a new path.No more re imagined origins or younger versions of our old heroes.Finally we will get to see hardened acquired heroes in hawkman(Mirielle shanks), Medical professional.Luck(Brent stait)Together with stargirl(Brittney irvin).There are a few more heroes to add to that list but their involvement here is sketchy at best.Developed, in short, saving money lantern(A la mike scott)But no full images or imdb credit is given for him on the 2 hour event.Sandman, to be pictured by ken lawson, will be Mens Nike Shox R4 UK character teased in absolute justice so there is hope for a green lantern appearance yet.This casting of classic dc universe characters is sufficient get any fan drooling but what gets me going, also with puts me at ease, is that comic scribe geoff johns has composed the episode.Wedding event his first for smallville and hopefully not his last. Startlingly enough, the goliath that is warner brothers and owner of dc comics has not marketed this episode in action figure form.And still.Perhaps they think it is oversaturation?Maybe someone at smallville marketing area realized how bad their smallville toy lines have been and didn bother.For reasons unknown a toy line with smallville likenesses should happen.Why waste time?Both their dc direct line and mattel dc universe are rich with figures which support this episode.We here at mania scoured the toy racks and designed our own smallville:Absolute justice toy gathering. O.K.So hawkman, in this picture really, appears like a hawkman from the flash gordon movie circa 1980.However, hasn he always appeared to be that?There aren many hawkman figures that support the breast plate armor but a majority of, it not exclusively, come with the classic variety of weapons.Mattel dc universe classics series 6 hawkmanmichael shanks looks to bring to the type in spades.Is the best likenesses of the type to come out in a long time.Plus it has that badassery that michael shanks looks to bring to the type in spades. There was only one image of stargirl to appear from smallville:Authentic justice.I can say i like as large as that mask she wearing;Particularly with how nice looking brittney irvin is.So are they all covering up her face that much?There have been a few stargirl figures but numerous are cartoony.Perhaps warner brothers thinks ahead because a dc direct stargirl is slated for a late march 2010 release. All we got was a ring and it was enough to operate a vehicle us crazy.Will a green lantern finally make a look and feel in smallville?With the ryan reynolds movie coming out now it pretty much shot down the risk of hal jordan or abin sur making a cameo.Yet joe scott, the great age green lantern, possible sweet.Hopefully there is more to him in the episode than simply a brief cameo.There was clearly plenty of alan scott green lanterns out there but the easiest, best and most inexpensive right now is the justice society of america figure.Again alex ross fine art nails it. Right here is canadian promo for smallville:Entire justice. Many people i see that picture of sandman, i think it appears like 2 1b(Medical droid in empire visitors back)Dressing up as indiana jones for halloween some cheap thing. Nice statement, way to kill a at work.At how, the hawkman sector needs fixing.Looks like the paragraph was chopped off some thing. These are hawkman.Anybody seen legion?Gabriel results with a mace, and looks the things i would picture hawkman to look like, without the mask.However, which is the only bright spot in that horrible, truly unpleasant movie. I can see the fan trailers for Cheap Nike Running Shoes Sale the hawkman being made from that scene soon. I wish they could have gotten someone a little bigger for hawkman, i was suprised to enjoy a book michael shanks was choosen, i lone know him from stargate:Sg1.Did he do another fact that i should check out.The customs do look great and if inspired from alex ross they can.He is doing some awesome work.I hope we get a great deal of green lantern screen time, but i not really know.They have not shown more the ring so i have my doubts.Hopefully this friday we aren't going to be let down and they get this right.

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